Skuki radi
, 1 hour 13 minutes
The inhabitants of one of the stations sincerely envied the people passing by them. Arina worked as a cook at the station. She was about 40 years old, ugly, dirty, ragged, she walked waddling from foot to foot, narrow frightened eyes shone on her puffy face, surrounded by wrinkles. Arina lived alone. But one day, the switchman Gomozov, also a lonely man who recently lost his family, came into her kitchen and asked him to sew a few shirts. And then he invited me to come to him in the evening - to drink some tea, to talk for the sake of boredom. Arina left him already at dawn. So they healed, hiding their dirt from everyone. But the inhabitants of the station found out about their relationship. Around Arina and Gomozov, for the sake of entertainment, they arranged a clownish wedding. Still, as if dumb, Arina stood with her head on her chest. And when confused, embarrassed, Gomozov began to assent to others, blaming Arina for everything, she turned and went into the steppe.