, 1 hour 29 minutes
The story of the great Russian writer Ivan Bunin 'Sukhodol', which is the basis of the script of the film, stands apart in his work. It is written in an unusual genre, which we would now call magical realism ... Serf Natalya serves in a manor owned by the impoverished noble family of the Khrushchevs. In her youth, she falls in love with her master Peter Petrovich and stupidly steals his personal mirror. When the theft is discovered, Natalya is driven out of the estate with shame. But soon she will be returned again to serve the gentleman’s sister, the gentleman ... But Natalya is not the only main character in the film. The estate itself is also a full-fledged hero - a place both cursed and attractive. Sukhodol has a special power over all households. There are strange dreams that often come true. Here you can see holy fools and ghosts. The fates of Sukhodol and all its inhabitants are inextricably linked. The slow but steady destruction of the estate leaves its mark on the fate of people associated with it. Watch an unusual, bewitching, full of beauty fading, domestic film 'Sukhodol'. One of the main roles in it was played by the soloist of the cult group 'Auktsion' Oleg Garkusha.