Crazy angel
, 1 hour 35 minutes
The picture tells about the beautiful love of a rich guy and a girl from a very poor family. In addition, the girl's father served 15 years, and the mother is crazy. But the story begins with a road accident, the victim of which was the new bride and the driver of the wedding car. After serving 15 years, the hero returns and finds out that the groom has long abandoned that daughter-in-law, married another and happily married. After that accident the young beauty was damaged by reason, tried to kill herself and to set fire to the house of neighbors. Hero Ubaydulla OMON feels guilty, he decides to marry a crazy woman. This story proves once again that two unhappy people, no matter how hard they try, will not be able to create one happy cell. Although this forced Union was born a beautiful beautiful homeland, played by bright-eyed Oydin Yusupova, and falls into oblivion the main character.