1 hour 20 minutes

Кинотавр, 2006

, 1 hour 20 minutes
Ilya lives in St. Petersburg, owns a hunting store and often visits Moscow for his business. Nina lives in Moscow, but is often forced to visit her publishing partners in St. Petersburg. In any case, so they say to their relatives. But in reality, the business goals of these trips are just an excuse. Ilya and Nina constantly wind up on the Red Arrow from Petersburg to Moscow and vice versa to spend time together. Because they have a connection ... Nina has a husband-artist and a second-grader son. Ilya has a beautiful wife and twelve-year-old daughter. Nina's husband and wife Ilya love their spouses. And children should not suffer. Therefore, it is better to leave everything as it is. Each has its own family life and a banal connection on the side. In any case, Ilya and Nina try to convince each other of this. Because, if this is not a connection, they will have to change their settled, measured life. Because, if this is love, you still have to make a choice ... Watch the melodrama 'Communication'. The famous screenwriter Avdotya Smirnova, who first acted as a director, received a prize at the Kinotavr for the best directorial debut. In addition to awards and nominations at the Kinotavr, the film won the Golden Eagle festival in 2007 in the nomination 'Best Actress' (Anna Mikhalkova), and was also nominated for MTV-Russia Film Awards in 2007 for 'Best Kiss' (Anna Mikhalkova and Mikhail Porechenkov)