Syshchiki 5. Series 10.
, 45 minutes
Killed the president of the company "Sani" Nina Savelyeva. Together with the woman, her bodyguard also died. Kolapushin and Nemigailo get down to business. They learn from Deputy Savelyeva that only a few people could know about the dead woman’s schedule: security guard Krylov, a dead bodyguard, personal driver and secretary Daria. The circle of suspects is noticeably narrowing ... Investigators become aware that according to the will the company goes to Krylov, the apartment goes to Daria, the jewelry goes to Deputy Titova ... Krylov said that he was introduced to Nina by a classmate Yuri. Soon they began to meet secretly, but Savelyev married Yuri, a wealthier man. Are there really love roots in a murder? ..