Trudno byt Bogom
, 2 hours 8 minutes
An earthman, an employee of the Institute of Experimental History Anton, under the name of don Rumata Estorsky, is introduced into the high society of the state of Arkanar, located on another planet. The social development of Arkanar is approximately at the level of the earthly Middle Ages. Anton can only watch the life of local residents, he does not have the right to interfere in the internal affairs of the natives ... At the time the film begins, Don Reba’s influence in Arkanar intensifies, persecution of scientists and poets begins, obscurantism is about to flood the country, as it often happened in the earthly Middle Ages. Anton faces a difficult moral dilemma: to continue to be an outside observer or try to intervene in the history of a foreign civilization in order to save Arkanar from total immersion in darkness and chaos ... Watch a film by the German producer Peter Fleischman, based on the novel of the Strugatsky brothers' self-titled.