Tsvet plameni. Series 4
, 44 minutes
“Color of the Flame” is a modern family saga that tells about the dramatic events in the Bronitsky family for twenty years. ... It would seem that nothing can overshadow the happiness and well-being of these people, until one of the family members, the geneticist Vadim, through a scientific experiment, creates a person with incredible qualities - the girl Alina. And at that very hour the Bronitsky family was plunged into a whirlpool of mysterious and tragic events. The plot focuses on the fate of the main character Alina, a smart and beautiful girl who carries good and evil at the same time (she heals doomed patients, brings wealth to foster parents and brings death to anyone who falls in love with her). The heroine painfully searches for her place in life, struggles with the destructive power within herself and, after going through many trials, finds true love.