V dvuh shagah ot Raya
, 1 hour 22 minutes
1944, Carpathians. Somewhere in the mountains, the Germans built a strategically important facility - a warehouse of uranium ore. It was to this terrible place where people receive lethal doses of radiation, they gave the code name "Paradise". The facility is carefully guarded by several German intelligence services at once, including selected SS troops and alpine shooters. The Soviet command sent one group of scouts after another to destroy the warehouse, but no one returned. Then it was decided to entrust this operation to an experienced scout - captain Dolgintsev, nicknamed Sedoy. Dolgintsev gathers a new group and proceeds with the assignment. The ore warehouse is so well camouflaged that even local guides are not aware of its exact location. You can walk literally a stone's throw from Paradise and not notice an object. But Sedogo’s group nevertheless manages to discover a secret warehouse ... Watch the feature film “Two steps from Paradise”, shot based on the eponymous novel by Sergei Naumov.