V Rossiyu za lyubovyu!
, 1 hour 23 minutes
The famous director Stanislav Kraskovich returns to Russia to stage the scandalous play 'Three Maids of the Same Master'. But his goal is not his homeland and not even his work, and Maria is an actress with whom he has been in love for many years, but does not dare to admit it to her. However, there is a small snag - the dream of his whole life inappropriately marries a narcissistic and pragmatic womanizer. Nevertheless, they decide to meet in his apartment to discuss her role in the play. But the problem is that the young actress Katya, disguised as a maid, and the expressive neighbor Christina, whose husband - the Armory Baron - sponsored the theatrical production of Stanislav, enter the fight with her for the role and the director. And everything would have been fine if pistols and sleeping pills, medics and a crazy concierge hadn’t intervened ... And only love can defeat the most insidious circumstances!