Valeriy Gergiev i Mariinskiy teatr
, 1 hour 26 minutes
An exciting documentary in the center of the plot of which is one of the most outstanding conductors of our time Valery Gergiev. The film was directed and produced by the studio "ROCK" by Alexei Uchitel, and it was directed by well-known director and playwright Anna Matison ("Fir-trees", "Satisfaction"). Valery Gergiev is one of the most striking musical talents of our time, which has received worldwide recognition. His pioneering interpretations of classical works amaze and delight listeners to the core. For 25 years, the maestro has been leading one of the country's greatest theaters - the Mariinsky. During this time, he ensured that the theater was put on a par with the Vienna Opera, the Metropolitan Opera and La Scala. An amazing combination of respect for old traditions and interest in new trends makes Gergiev an unsurpassed professional whose name is already associated with the music itself.