Versiya. Series 5.
, 44 minutes
The main character of the series is the investigator of the prosecutor’s office, Alexander Zhelvis. Pedantic. Witty. Caustic. His colleagues and bosses cannot stand him. Not only does he love to work "on the ground", which violates subordination; Zhelvis tells the truth to everyone. And often this is confusing. And not so much suspects as colleagues. Zhelvis clearly understands that "everyone lies," and you just need to find what the person sitting in front of him lied to. Zhelvis always has his own version of any, the most obvious thing. They’re not even trying to expel him from the prosecutor’s office. Just because he is the best in his field. The only friend is the opera Pasha Zabrodin, who gets a lot of caustics. Meticulous, Zhelvis always gets to the bottom. Together with Zabrodin, Zhelvis confidently, beautifully reveals several confusing matters.