Vnutrennee rassledovanie. Series 4.
, 46 minutes
An exciting new story about the difficult fate of the head of the slaughter department, Rustem Zainulin. Modern police. Who is the honest “cop” in her? Who is the werewolf? Zainulin is accused of killing his subordinate - an undercover agent. On the eve of this murder, Zaynullin learns from his agent where the criminal authority of the Nizams is hiding. This gangster has long been wanted for murders and Zaynullin throws himself on the trail. But almost immediately, he was detained by employees of the Department of Homeland Security (CSS). Why did the head of the slaughter department need to kill his colleague, is the head of the “special operations” department Latunin, who is pursuing Zaynulin so right? Colonel Schuku, who recently returned to duty from a well-deserved rest, is being called on to understand this. The colonel was not particularly eager to return to the organs, his principles and slightly outdated views on life do not seem to inspire anyone in this world. But it is he - an honest, experienced, cool policeman who becomes the head of the St. Petersburg Office of Internal Security. Such as he can not get to the bottom of the truth.