Vtoroy uboynyy. Season 1. Series 5.
, 46 minutes
The elderly head of the slaughter department, Alexei Vitaev, enjoys well-deserved fame among his colleagues. Pungent and pedantic, he reveals even those crimes on which many would have put an end to. But once Vitaev crossed the road to a large official. In this regard, it was decided to retire the opera, and in its place they quickly found a “worthy” replacement in the face of the stupid son-in-law of high authorities. Unexpectedly, Vitaev was called back into operation - it was required to solve the impudent murder as soon as possible. The failed pensioner brilliantly coped with his task. After this story, the leadership creates the Second Slaughter Department under it. The team was sent to Vitaev by the experienced, but hard-drinking opera Andrei Samoilov and the child prodigy, yesterday’s graduate of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sasha Zazvonov. Vitaev’s team acts quickly, together and does not choose easy ways. And so it happened: The first slaughter gets fame, awards and honors, and the second slaughter gets dirty work, sleepless nights and a feeling of deep satisfaction from solving cases that their colleagues from the First slaughter would never have untangled.