Ya emu veryu!. Series 11.
, 43 minutes
Police captain Zhenya Tarasova could not imagine her life without operational work. But after a serious wound, Zhenya was commissified. And they offered another job, a cabinet, as an inspector for the supervision of those who had just been released from places of detention. Eugene was indignant with all her heart - she would die with longing at work with pieces of paper! However, it turned out that there were living people behind the papers, each with their own fate, character and problems. Each episode is a story of helping a former prisoner who was in trouble due to a combination of circumstances. Against the background of these stories, the main lyrical plot develops - the story of Zhenya's difficult relationship with the chief of the threat, Peter Krylov. But our heroine, having overcome all the hardships and blows of fate, will find her happiness in a harmonious family. Eugene is an integral, courageous, strong-willed nature, but at the same time always charming and feminine.