Ya tebya lyublyu. Series 1
, 50 minutes
Until a certain point, Alexandra considered herself a happy woman: her beloved and desired wife, the guardian of the hearth and a worthy couple to her husband - the famous actor Gleb Ordyntsev. It seemed to her that it would always be so. Beloved husband, finally, received universal recognition. Several producers offered him roles in interesting films. Now the Ordintsevs must heal even better than before. However, after some time, Sasha began to notice that her husband did not pay any attention to her. And then it turned out that Gleb had been cheating on her for a long time. In an instant, everything that Alexandra with such love created 14 years of married life disappeared. The unfortunate woman faces difficult questions: how to live on? How to force yourself to trust people, especially men? How to believe in yourself again?