Zhenshchina ego mechty
, 3 hours 16 minutes
At the editorial board of the women's weekly "XXS" this time was not boring. They did not discuss the cover, layout, or page of horoscopes. Serious passions flared up around the topic of the November issue: “What do men want?” Three sharks took part in the battle - the three main authors of the magazine: Lisa Pakhomova (“clever”), Veronika Lanskaya (“beauty”) and Olya Pyshnenko (“darling”). Lisa advocated intellectual compliance with the high demands of a modern man: in her opinion, witty, brilliant women with a wide range of interests enjoy success today. Veronica knowingly assured that it would take her fifteen minutes to repulse a man even from a Nobel laureate - just put on the hairpins and lightly tint your lips. Olya said that they can even fight for the attention of men - yes, they will be invited to date ... but men will marry people like her: cozy, cute, homely. In the end, editor-in-chief Mikhail Mikhailovich Ilyin slammed his fist on the table: “Enough empty words, go and prove it!” In a month, I’m waiting for you here: whoever has more offers of a hand and heart will write the main article. ” However, the director has his own answer to the question: “What do men want?” For the purity of the experiment, he wrote it right there, at the editorial board, and sealed the envelope. In a month we’ll check whether he guessed right or not.