Zhizn i smert Lyonki Panteleeva. Series 7
, 45 minutes
During the Civil War, the population of Petrograd, the former capital of the empire, decreased by five times. Monstrous hunger, cold, ruin reigned in the city. The order was supported by exceptional measures - the firing squads administered justice. By mid-1922, the city miraculously began to recover: the NEP, private trade, lobsters in the windows of the former Eliseevsky store, a motley crowd on Nevsky. The growth of wealth was accompanied by the growth of crime - the Cheka employees were more likely to sympathize with the robbers, rather than their class enemies. In the Petrograd Cheka, there is a plan to replenish the treasury due to ... robberies, which should be carried out by a controlled gang. The young employee who agreed to this “special task” turns into a gangster Lenka Panteleev. A number of high-profile raids make him famous. In all cases, there were no casualties, the raids were carefully considered and carried out on a tip. Lenka enjoyed considerable success among the maids, housekeepers, who willingly talked about where the treasures of their owners are stored. Lenka shared the booty, and secretly handed over his share in the Cheka ... His gang was not the largest and was not bloodthirsty, but the leader Lenka becomes an object to follow. The city is shocked by daily looting. The population ceases to believe in the possibility of restoring order and the Cheka is instructed to restore order and the right to shoot raiders and bandits at the crime scene. The former bosses of Panteleev, in order to avoid publicity, gives the order to liquidate him, while all documents on his service in the Cheka are destroyed. Panteleyev's "unsolved" foreign unsolved crimes are being "hanged" and a real hunt is arranged for him. The resourceful and possessing gift of reincarnation, Lenka manages to escape from the set traps. He can deal with the leadership of the Cheka who substituted him, but how to live, becoming a stranger to his own, without becoming his own to strangers? Or is it better to go directly to the wall?