Кинотавр, 2016

, 1 hour 27 minutes
Natasha is a middle-aged woman who lives in a small seaside town with her mother and works in a local zoo. She has no personal life, and at work she is used to constant mockery and ridicule from her colleagues. Once something incredible happens to Natasha - she has a real tail. She has to listen to a lot of ridicule in her address and to make a difficult path in order to finally find herself. Watch the film “Zoology” online The film “Zoology” is a successful Russian arthouse that has received recognition both at home and abroad. The director and screenwriter of this sensational project was the young and talented Ivan I. Tverdovsky, who had already managed to mark several similar paintings in style. In his tape, he superbly managed to combine surrealism with Russian reality. It should be noted Natalia Pavlenkova, who played the main role in the film "Zoology". She just perfectly got used to the image of her heroine, and as a result, her play earned the highest audience praise, and the actress herself was justly awarded several international film awards. “Zoology” is a film that, without a doubt, will appeal to all fans of high-quality arthouse with a lot of strange, but touching scenes. This fantastic drama was a real discovery of Russian cinema and was shown at various international film festivals, where it received the highest reviews from critics. An intriguing and rather original plot, a brilliant play of actors, good camera work and excellent musical accompaniment make the film “Zoology” one of the best representatives of the genre in the history of Russian cinema. The tvzavr Internet cinema contains both little-known and most popular films from around the world. The picture “Zoology”, which has become one of the most interesting Russian projects of 2016, can be watched online in excellent quality at any time.