Movies based on real events

For those who are tired of implausible stories and want to discover something new. Films based on real events show the life of great people, tell the stories of heroes and make you wonder what happens at all. Every movie can teach something and help to look at the world in a different way. We have gathered in one online collection of various exciting movies based on real events. Look in good quality and be surprised!

Historical events

the Movie helps to perpetuate the deeds and the people who are the heroes. The military actions inspired the Directors to create many paintings. Which subsequently received many awards. In our online collection you can see such films as "pearl Harbor", "Sobibor", "Dunkirk" and others. All of them are based on real events that should not be forgotten.

The collection includes films about the conditionally peaceful time of political confrontation between the two superpowers. Among them are paintings "Hidden figures", showing the activities of NASA 60s of the last century, and "the First time", telling the story of space exploration from the Soviet side. And all fans of fighters will like "undercover Scam" – a movie about an operative who penetrated into the heart of the criminal world.

Athletes and creators

Our online collection includes many sports films based on real events. Among them, the "Invisible side" is the story of a professional player who became a sports star thanks to the love and support of the foster family. The painting was awarded the Oscar and the Golden globe. The other movie "moneyball" with brad pitt in the lead role talks about a baseball team and their Manager. Together they were able to overcome financial difficulties and become serious rivals. See in good quality tape and about artists. Based on real events, the film shows the cult group "Kino" at the beginning of their journey. The picture "Dancer" also introduces the success story of the titled ballet dancer Sergei Polunin. The film was not only informative, but also very beautiful. Look for these and other movies in our online cinema!

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