American movies of 2016

we Offer to remember the most spectacular and exciting American movies of 2016! During this period, a lot of great movies came out, and we tried to properly display this in the preparation of an online collection. See the best works of Hollywood in good quality.

science fiction film

the Future, alternate universes and superpowers are what attract us so much in sci-Fi movies. If you also care about this genre, we offer to pay attention to the film "Passengers" with the owner of "Oscar" Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in the lead roles. A luxurious space liner carries 5,000 people to another planet, immersed in sleep. As a result of the error, two of them come to consciousness ahead of time. Together they will not go crazy and make sure that the ship reaches its destination in perfect order. And how they will achieve this, find out by watching a movie online.

another 2016 American fantasy film is "Dr. strange" with Benedict Cumberbatch. The film took its rightful place in the marvel cinematic universe and received good reviews. And, of course, not to mention "suicide Squad" – DC superhero tape of a team of villains who have nothing to lose.

Historical films and westerns

Among the American films of 2016, you can see more serious pictures. "For reasons of conscience" – the work of Mel Gibson, based on the biography of the real military doctor Desmond Doss. A convinced pacifist went through the entire Second world war, never taking up arms, saved many lives and received the highest army award – Medal of Honor.

Another interesting movie is "at Any cost". This 2016 American film brings back the tradition of westerns and tells the story of two brothers who decided to become Bank robbers, and the Sheriff who is on their trail. Watch in our online cinema and find out where the seemingly simple story will turn.

have you Already decided what American films of 2016 you would like to watch tonight? Choose to your taste and include in good quality!

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