Films of 2015

Horror films, biographies, comedies and other notable films – the films of 2015 were rich in atypical subjects. Different countries have pleased us with the breadth of genres and new parts of your favorite series. To summarize, we have compiled an online collection of the most interesting films of 2015 in good quality. Decide what to watch and dive into the movie with your head.

Movies with high ratings

First of all, among the outstanding paintings of 2015 it should be noted the nominee for the Oscar and the star of the prestigious film festivals "Lobster". The plot unfolds in the near future, where there is no place for lonely people. All who were left without a pair, should go to a special hotel and a half months to find a new love. Otherwise alone turn into any animal on the premises. The tape in good quality can be viewed on our website.

Another strong film of 2015 was the war drama "the Battle of Sevastopol". The basis is the life of the legendary Soviet sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko. Watch movies with excellent ratings in the collection of our online cinema.

Continuation of popular franchises

Among the tapes of 2015 came out a lot of new parts of box office movies. Our online selection includes dystopias "Running in the maze: the Test of fire" and "Hunger games: mockingjay. Part II, star wars: Episode 7 - the Awakening of the force, and other notable sequels. Some of these films fans have been waiting for years. And judging by the ratings, it was worth it. The movie turned out to be interesting and brought the franchises even more attention. If you have not had time to watch some of these films, but have long wanted to – you can do it in our online collection.