Films of 2016

every Year on the screens out a lot of decent paintings in various genres. Each country finds something to surprise the audience. To once again recall the most outstanding works, we have compiled an online collection of films in 2016. Look in good quality and fill in the gaps!

Biographical films

Interesting life stories formed the basis of many tapes. Among the films of 2016 can also be identified several excellent works based on real events. Cinema "lion" received six nominations for "Oscar", four on the "Golden globe" and was noted by many other significant awards. In the center of the plot – a boy from the slums, lost in early childhood. Life smiled at him and the child was adopted by a couple Australians. Now the main character is an adult man who decided to find his roots and a lost family.

Another 2016 biopic from our online compilation is "the Dancer". He talks about the talented ballet dancer Sergei Polunin. At the age of 17, he was accepted into the company of London's most famous Royal ballet. However, at the top he meets a lot of difficulties that he has to overcome and find a new way. Look for these and other films in our online collection and watch movies in good quality.

Fantastic movies

"Oscar" and two "Golden globe awards" earned the movie 2016 "Arrival". In the story of the picture, the Earth comes a lot of alien ships. And the indigenous people of the planet need to be able to make contact with them until there is a conflict.

And of course, among the films of 2016 was a very successful superhero movie. Big love got the picture "Delpo" is a story about the witty mercenary, going their own way. Also, fans were able to watch several new films of the marvel cinematic universe: "the First avenger: Confrontation" and "Dr. strange". See our online collection!

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