Films of 2018

2018 turned out to be rich in great movies. Continuation of popular franchises, powerful biographical paintings and just a great movie, deservedly received high ratings. Probably many avid moviegoers have already seen most of these films. And if not, the online cinema tvzavr is ready to help fill in the gaps. We have collected in one collection the best films of 2018, so you can watch them at home in good quality.

Fantasy and horror

Unreal worlds, exciting adventures and monsters lurking in the shadows. In the online selection got a lot of fantastic movies especially for those who do not have a drop of miracles in life. Choose what to watch! For fans of superheroes we have prepared new items from the two largest universes of superhumans – marvel and DC. Aquaman, Deadpool 2, Avengers: the War of infinity, ant-Man and Wasp and other high-budget films of 2018 are full of colorful special effects and intriguing plots. Who will win this never-ending battle between good and evil? What to see there, and the fans of horror. The online collection includes the acclaimed horror "Quiet place", as well as no less terrible "Curse of the nun" and "Land of ghosts". Ready to test the strength of your own nerves?

Comedy and romance

Among the best films of 2018 there are also more realistic pictures. Comedy, biographical and even tragic movies are an important part of our online collection. Probably, many will want to review one of the most titled tapes of 2018. It's about the "Green book" – a film that received three Oscars and three Golden globes. The biographical drama tells about the journey of two radically different people and changes in their worldviews after the time spent together. The other, already more amusing the film – "the Hugely rich Asians." The Comedy tells the story of modern Cinderella. The touching picture received a great love of the audience and perfectly uplifting. And, of course, it is impossible not to mention the "Bohemian Rhapsody". A movie about the legendary Queen band and their outstanding vocalist Freddie mercury. The picture causes a flurry of conflicting emotions and allows you to enjoy great music.

All movies from our collection are available in good quality. The paintings were selected taking into account the ratings and reviews of the audience. So that we can guarantee to you the most interesting and anticipated movies of 2018. Good viewing!