Movies for the whole family

Movies for the whole family have always been and will be popular. After all, to gather in front of the screen with loved ones and watch a good and interesting movie – a great option for a quiet leisure. We have compiled an online collection of films for family viewing. All paintings are presented in good quality and checked by the audience, who gave them high praise.

Comedy and romance

Funny stories or touching stories – in the online collection there is a movie for any mood. For example, you can review "home Alone"! Or include "Marley and me" – a picture of a young married couple who decides to have a naughty dog. Choose a light and bright movie for family viewing and cheer up with all the households.

Fantasy and animation

it will be Interesting to see fantastic films. No blood, no violence, and only with fantastic plots and exciting adventures. For family viewing, the film "Chronicles of Narnia: lion, witch and magic wardrobe"is perfect. In it, brothers and sisters get into an unusual world with talking animals and help new friends defeat the villain. Also in the online collection there are cult Soviet TV series "adventures of electronics" and "Guest from the future". Favorite older generation of movies will be interesting to see and modern young viewers.

Family movies are diverse in genres, stories, and release countries. But watching them is always great! You can relax under them and pick up something from our online collection to your taste. Only in good quality!