Disaster movie

disaster Movies – a movie that keeps in suspense from start to finish. And the viewer can only guess whether the heroes will have time in the last seconds to prevent something terrible and escape from death. No matter what threatens the characters: nature, element, man-made trouble or something alien. They bravely oppose and defend what is dear to them. For all fans of tickle nerves and not to break away from the screen during the entire viewing, we have compiled an online collection of disaster films. Look in good quality just that it will be interesting for you.

Natural disasters

since ancient times, Man has been afraid of the power of nature, which he cannot influence. And disaster films show perfectly well that this fear is quite justified. In the film "San Andreas Fault" Dwayne Johnson will deal with the consequences of a powerful earthquake that destroyed the whole state. In this chaos, the hero will try to find a daughter and overcome more than one obstacle. And the tape "the day after Tomorrow" shows a hypothetical future where global warming has changed the Earth beyond recognition. In a more realistic movie "Wave" very naturally shows the collapse of the mountain range. Watch exciting movies in our online collection.

science Fiction and mutants

In a series of disaster movies occupy a special place the fantastic pictures. One of the most famous – "Armageddon" with Brussels Willis, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler in the lead roles. The brave team is trying to destroy a giant asteroid and each of its members without hesitation will give their lives to save the others. Another cult sci-Fi movie series – "Matrix". Hero Keanu Reeves is fighting for freedom in the distant future. If you have not had time to watch these movies, it's time!

And for fans of monsters, mutants, zombies and viruses in our online collection added movies such as "Godzilla", "Destination" and "Abode of evil".

Disaster films are diverse in their plots and threats. It is known in advance to watch a movie is definitely interesting! Look for any addictive pictures in good quality in our online cinema.

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