Films with Nicolas Cage

Nicolas cage – an outstanding American actor, remembered by the audience for a variety of adventure roles. Over the years of work in film, he managed to try himself as a Director and producer, and was awarded the Oscar and Golden globe. To once again remember the pictures of this wonderful actor, we have prepared an online selection. Watch movies with Nicolas cage in good quality!

Action and thrillers

Adventurer and hero of action films – this actor appears before us in most movies. For example, in the franchise "Treasure of the nation" Nicolas cage becomes a brave treasure hunter. In another famous film "Without a face" the actor plays the role of an FBI agent who agrees to surgery. In its course, he acquires the face of a dangerous criminal and under his guise penetrates into the lair of the enemy. Watch this and other Nicolas cage movies with intense chases and gunfights in the collection of our online cinema.

Animation projects

Another field where actors can demonstrate their talent is cartoon projects. Voice drawn characters is not easy, but Nicolas cage copes with this task. In our online collection you can see two remarkable tapes. A story about Guinea pigs working as secret agents, "Darwin's Mission". And the movie "Astroboy" about the world of the future, where a gifted scientist creates a cyborg – an exact copy of the deceased son. The company Nicolas cage was made by other famous figures of cinema and the team turned out to be truly stellar.

See the best works of your favorite actor in one online compilation! Movies in good quality and with unexpected replays of the plot.

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