Films about the village

For all those tired of the city bustle, we have compiled an online collection of films about the village. Light films about relationships, comedies and even horror movies – all of them are imbued with a rustic flavor. We have gathered together pictures of different countries and eras, so that for each viewer there is always something to see in good quality. Choose a movie to your taste and plunge into the charm of country life.

Foreign films and horror < /h2>

Movies about the village can be turned in absolutely any direction. For example, in the film "Life itself" couple carries his love through the decades and finds happiness in a quiet suburb of Spain. Documentary cinema as "the Queen of Katwa" tells the story of a brilliant chess player Fiona Mutesi. The girl was born in a poor village in Uganda, but was able to achieve recognition thanks to his talent.

Country landscape and loved the Directors of horror. Many of them spun the plot of their films about the village in the direction of horror. Watch in our online movie collection "Hungry Z" and get ready to see life outside the city from the other side.

Soviet films and Russian comedies

Our online collection includes films about the village in a more familiar format. Russian and Soviet cinema is rich in pictures showing life outside the city. It will be interesting to see the two-part film "Aniskin and Fantomas". Soul detective Comedy tells the story of a rural district, which is investigating the store robbery. More modern story – "once upon a time". Russian Comedy about life in the Outback with famous actors. And for fans of crazy funny movies in the selection got the picture "the Lights of a large village." A movie whose plot is getting hotter every minute!

Watch these and other films about the village in good quality in the selection of our online cinema!