Movies about football

Football is one of the most popular ball games in the world. This sport is fond of people from small to large in all countries. Is it any wonder that every year they make great movies about football? Based on real events or original stories – sports movies captivates the spirit of their main characters. Our online collection contains the most entertaining films about football, which look great in bad weather.

biography Films

every fan has a favorite club. Some more popular, some less. But there are truly legendary teams known all over the world. In our online collection a real football film-journey – "Barca: More than a club"is waiting for its hour. The story covers the years of the famous team, and many key players and coaches personally starred in the cinema. It will be interesting to watch even if you are not a big fan of this sport!

Another biopic about football is Pele: the Birth of a legend. The tape tells about the childhood of the star and his first victories. Watch in good quality in the collection of our online cinema.

Comedy, drama and crime

Especially for passionate fans – a picture with the telling name "Goal!". A movie about a young man who dreams of becoming a professional player, richly well-filmed spectacular moments of the match. The same can be said about the second part of the film "Goal 2: Life as a dream." Watch in good quality and enjoy!

a Little more fun and dramatic at the same time in our online collection of football movies – "All or nothing". The tape tells the story of a careless professional player who got behind bars. However, it can be lowered in the case that he would prepare a demonstration to the team of prisoners. Find out what this bet will lead to.