Vampire movie

vampire Movies have repeatedly experienced the UPS and downs of popularity, each of which pleased the audience with cult paintings. The theme is limitless and goes well with a variety of genres. Horror movies, action movies, melodramas, comedies, family movies – vampire movies can be completely different. Like their main characters. For all fans of stories about children of the night, we have compiled an online selection of tapes about vampires of all stripes. Watch any movie in good quality.

Action and drama

If there are vampires in the movies, there will surely be someone who will resist them. One of the most famous movie hunters – the protagonist of the series "blade". Being on the verge of transformation, he alone challenges the army of evil in the hope of saving humanity. Another sensational film is an aesthetically beautiful drama "only lovers will Survive". In it, tired of eternal life, the ancient vampires are faced with an unexpected problem of lack of food and are forced to take extreme measures.

And, of course, in our online collection it was impossible not to include "I'm a legend" – a movie about the last survivor who is desperately looking for an antidote.

All the pictures got high ratings, so it will be definitely interesting to watch them.

Comedy and animation

vampire Movies can be quite fun, which proves the movie from our online collection!

What about a quality parody Comedy "Night of fear"? The teenager suddenly realizes that his new neighbor is a real vampire. Unfortunately, this does not go unnoticed and for the otherworldly guest.

For those who want to watch something more original there is a pseudo-documentary film "Real ghouls", telling about centuries-old vampires trying to adapt to the modern era.

And children and fans of animation will definitely like the series "Monsters on vacation"!

Watch scary and creepy good movies about vampires in good quality in the collection of our online cinema.

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