Films about the end of the world

Watching an exciting movie where the characters are forced to cope with a huge threat is always exciting. There are many options for the development of our world. And the most frightening of them are embodied in films about the end of the world. Aliens, natural disasters, supernatural beings and the most dangerous viruses threaten the Earth, and against them, as a rule, only a small group of survivors. For all fans of dark subjects, we have compiled an extensive online selection, which includes the best films about the end of the world in good quality.

Watch with pleasure!

Survival in a new world

Armageddon is left behind, and the heroes are forced to fight for life in a post-apocalyptic world. This arrangement is often found in films about the end of the world. The plot can develop in different ways, which allowed us to fill our online collection of the most diverse movies. The legendary franchise "Mad Max" tells about the consequences of the energy crisis and the fierce struggle of mankind for the remnants of fuel. But in the movie "War of the worlds" hero Tom cruise will have to meet with the invaders from other planets.

However, post-apocalyptic cinema can be even funny. The world of the picture "Welcome to Zombiland" captured the living dead. However, this did not deprive the heroes of a sense of humor, as the creators of the tape. So watch this and other movies online just will not be boring!

At the mercy of the elements

Films about the end of the world do not always show the consequences, often the focus is the very root cause of the disaster.

In the film "Geostorm" enemy of the people itself becomes the element. And the heroes need to have time to understand what is happening before it's too late. In the movie "5th wave" there is even a whole series of disasters. Those who survived the first stages of the tragedy will have to prepare for a new turn and figure out who is really a friend and who is an enemy. But with more apparent alien threat was found, the characters in the movie "independence Day". Watch these and other films about the end of the world in the collection of our online cinema. High ratings, interesting stories and only good quality!

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