Cartoons of 2016

Meet the new cartoon characters in our online collection of cartoons 2016. We have compiled an exciting collection for different ages, so that even the smallest viewer could find something for himself. Princesses, superheroes, educational and family movies – watch fascinating cartoons from different countries!

New disney tapes

Among the cartoons 2016 was a lot of work of the famous Studio, gave us a lot of iconic paintings. Cartoons of their authorship have always received attention and excellent ratings.

This time Disney introduced a new Princess to the audience. "Moana" – the story of a brave girl who goes on a risky adventure to save his native island. The cartoon was nominated for "Oscar" and fascinates with a rich picture. Watch in good quality in our online cinema!

And one of the greatest cartoons of 2016 – "Zeropolis". The story of the city, inhabited only by animals, has become a hit, and its characters settled in the hearts of millions of viewers.

adventures and superheroes

Cartoons 2016 upsetting to fans of the comic. Adult viewers will like the movie "Batman: a Killer joke." The cartoon tells the story of a new confrontation between the hero in a bat costume and his longtime enemy the Joker. Watch online and find out what the new plan of the supervillain will turn out for the city.

Another expected cartoon of 2016 is "In search of Dory", a sequel to the ocean Saga about Nemo and his father. Events unfold a year after the first part. The viewer will meet again with their favorite characters and go on a new journey through the depths of the sea. Watch the cartoon will be interesting to the whole family! You might even want to revisit the beginning of the story. Look for good quality in our online cinema.

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