Movies about aliens

are we Alone in the Universe? Mankind has been asking this question since ancient times. Such reflections led to the emergence of many excellent cosmic pictures. Movies about aliens have an army of fans! Especially for them tvzavr collected the most interesting paintings in one online collection. Each of them can be viewed in good quality in our selection.

Superheroes and space adventures

Alien is a frequent justification for the supernatural abilities of the characters movie. A distant planet has given us not just one superhero and a lot of series of movies about aliens. Among them the most colorful – "Guardians of the Galaxy", "venom", "Captain marvel", "transformers" and others.

Not always extraterrestrial visitors are fraught with danger. It happens that the characters of the films about aliens manage to get along with them quite successfully. This tells the cult franchise "Men in black." The viewer will watch the work of a secret Agency that controls the stay of various aliens on Earth. This and other movies are already available in our online cinema.

star Invaders

Movies about aliens are more dramatic. One of the best paintings of the genre – the film "Arrival". The film received 7 Oscar nominations and won the award in the category "Best sound editing". The plot tells the story of a huge spacecraft that arrived on Earth with an incomprehensible purpose. Watch online and find out whether the characters will have time to understand what is happening while there is still time. Another cult film about aliens – the movie "Starship troopers". The planet is attacked by an army of intelligent beetles and humanity is forced to give a decisive battle.

Watch movies online in good quality and discover uncharted corners of space. All the exciting movies in one collection.

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