Films about prison

Detective and criminal stories often end up in places of detention. And this gives a great field for the imagination of filmmakers. In prison movies, the main action takes place in a very limited space. But this does not prevent to turn the plot in absolutely any direction. We have compiled a special online selection of films about the prison. Watch in good quality and discover new interesting movies.

Action and Comedy

Scenes are some paintings about the prison are continuous confrontation and is rich in battle scenes. Others manage to imagine a specific way of life with a more fun side. The film "Rock" tells the story of the capture of the legendary impregnable prison Alcatraz. Criminals threaten to destroy San Francisco and prevent them can only special forces.

In the tape "All or nothing" behind bars is a professional football player. In exchange for a reduced sentence, he agrees to prepare a team of prisoners for a match with the guards. But first he has to win the sympathy of the harsh neighbors.

Another Comedy from our online prison movie collection – "be Strong!". A movie about an unlucky banker who was falsely accused. To survive in prison, he asks the car washer to teach him the internal order of the prison. Watch these and other movies in good quality – an entertaining pastime is guaranteed!

Dramas and biographies

More serious and dramatic stories are also not uncommon among prison movies. And some of them are based on real events.

the Picture "So said Charlie" is built around the story of girls who committed crimes in the name of the leader of their sect. Documentary cinema has a color and contains the basis of a real creepy story. Watch in our online cinema.

the Film "the Life of David Gale" brings to the discussion the serious question of the death penalty. The film tells the story of a Professor who, along with his supporters forced the United States to review some of the items of legislation. Choose movies to your taste and watch good thoughtful movies online.

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