Psychological thriller

With the development of cinema it becomes increasingly difficult to really scare the viewer. Horrible monsters popping up from around the corner, become not so unexpected. Therefore, Directors are increasingly shifting focus on the inner world of heroes and monsters in their heads. Psychological thrillers are loved by many for their unique stories and presentation. They easily scare, even without resorting to the image of otherworldly forces. We have collected a separate online selection of the best psychological thrillers, which are really impressive. Look in good quality and learn the depths of human souls.

Intricate plots

Psychological thrillers, like any movies, are based on a certain idea and a number of events that reveal it. But this movie does not seek to simplify the task of the viewer. The plots are twisted so that you can understand all the realities of the picture only if you look very carefully. And this movie is worth a closer look! "The beginning" is a fantastic film that has won many prestigious awards. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio. His hero – a skilled thief of information directly from the subconscious, received a large order. Another Oscar-winning film – film "Black Swan". It tells the story of the ambitions of the ballet prima performed by Natalie Portman, who has a serious competitor. Watch these and other exciting movies in the collection of our online cinema.

Horror and crime

Although psychological thrillers and focused on the inner life of the characters, it does not prevent them to collect elements of crime and horror. For example, zodiac talks about a serial killer and his encrypted messages. And in the movie "Fight club" the plot revolves around an underground organization. However, in both films everything is not so simple. If you have not had time to watch them, we offer to do it in our online cinema.

Psychological thrillers are deep and interesting. After some you will be delighted and think deeply, others will seem overly wound. Choose stories to your taste in the online collection and spend the evening watching in good quality.

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