Romantic movie

Romantic comedies touch with their sincerity and cheer up. A light movie is perfect for rainy days or a relaxing evening after a hard work. So you do not have to look for a long time, what to see, we have collected the best romantic movies in one online collection. Choose a movie to your taste and watch in good quality.

Romantic classics and novelties

Which movie is one of the most loved melodramas of a million people? It's about "Beauty" with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in the lead roles! A chance meeting completely changes the lives of two people and helps to find love. In our collection there are also full-length films that complement the cult series "Sex and the city". And for those who want to see something newer there is a romantic Comedy "Love is not in size." See these many other interesting tapes in the selection from our online cinema.

family comedies

Some romantic films tell about the couples early in the relationship or towards him. But in many pictures already taken place families or newlyweds appear in the center of a plot. So the Comedy "Acquaintance with Fockers" presents the viewer with extremely colorful future relatives of the main characters. Watch online and find out if two completely different families will be able to find a common language.

the movie "Overboard"will Also be interesting. In this film, a millionaire loses his memory, and wants revenge waitress called his wife. "Spouses" will have to go through a lot to understand that from hatred to love is not so far.

Romantic comedies in good quality are already waiting for their audience in the online cinema tvzavr!

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