Sports films

Professional athletes – persistent people who achieve victories own hard work and exhausting trainings. Stories about them often inspired filmmakers to create interesting paintings. We have compiled an online selection of sports films, where you can look if you urgently need a surge of motivation. Look in good quality and explore the limits of human capabilities.

Movie based on real events

Sports films often appear based on biographies of real people. One such movie in our online collection is "Tonya against all". The plot is inspired by a major scandal that occurred in figure skating in the twentieth century. To secure participation in the Olympics, the main character is building a plan to eliminate the main competitor. And her way is very risky. Another film about real athletes – "peace warrior". The story of a budding gymnast who received a serious injury. Cinema also has at the heart of the real person. See these and other paintings in the collection of our online cinema.

Russian sports films

Russian cinema can also boast of Excellent films about sport. Visually beautiful and the good in the story tape of "Ice", which tells about a young skater on the verge of a major victory. On the way to her heroine waiting not only difficulties, but also true love.

But the football movie "Elastico" has become one of the most anticipated premieres of 2016. Watch the audience will be on the provincial guy, perfectly playing football. However the skills he had to use not only on the field but in the cases darker.

Watch sports movies from all over the world in our online collection! Good quality of paintings is guaranteed.