The best villains of cinema

Positive characters are loved and become role models. However, this does not prevent the appearance in the movie extremely colorful representatives of the forces of evil. Especially for all fans of bad guys, we have compiled an online collection of movies with the best villains of cinema. See the most epic confrontation in good quality.

Supernatural powers holders

Collecting online selection of movies with the best villains of cinema, it is impossible to ignore the cult franchise "Harry Potter". For eight films, the chosen protagonist confronts the terrifying dark magician Voldemort. Unenviable fate and characters kosmoopery "Star wars." After all, against them stands another legendary villain of cinema – Darth Vader. The Supreme General of the galactic Empire, an adept of the dark side of the Force and one of the most beloved negative characters in history. You can view all parts in order of both movie universes in our online collection. And of course it is worth noting the movie "suicide Squad", all the main characters of which are forced to team previously caught criminals who opposed superheroes.


To be considered one of the best villains of cinema does not necessarily throw lightning from the hands and control a huge army. Some bright characters enough to have a sophisticated mind to various atrocities. And it will be interesting to watch! This is the main antagonist of the movie "the Dark knight" Joker. The genius of the criminal world was played by Heath Ledger, who received for this role "Oscar", "Golden globe", BAFTA awards and the Guild of film actors. Notable for the film "American psycho", whose protagonist is both the main villain of the picture.

Movie with another memorable negative character – family movie "101 Dalmatians". Cruela trying to steal puppies to make them luxurious coat. For their evil plans it definitely deserves a place of honor in the list of the best villains of cinema. Watch in good quality in our online cinema!

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